YLG Nails365 Mission Mars Sparkle Nail Paint, 9ml

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Who said you need an occasion to wear a glitter nail polish? You just need the right colour and of course, the right glitter. Introducing YLG Nails 365 Glitter Nail Polishes, whether you like your glitter heavy, light, funky or chunky, we have got you covered. With our Glitter range, you are sure to be spoilt for choices. Keeping the Glitter Love in mind (and in our soul), we bring to you a Peel Off Base Coat - which makes the removing of Glitter Nail Polish hassle free. Just apply an even coat of the Peel off Base coat on your bare nails and let it dry. Once transparent, apply your favourite Glitter Nail Polish and finish off with the Plumping Top Coat to get the curvy effect.

₹ 249
₹ 124

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