Wuerth SAE 5W-40 High Technology Synthetic Engine Oil (4 L)

Amazon | Wuerth SAE 5W-40 High Technology Synthetic Engine Oil (4 L)

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PITZO ONLINE offers its customers a huge range of Automotive accessories [Silicone Car Key Cover, Car Remote Key Shell, Rubber Key Pad], Bike Accessories, All Types of AC Remote; PITZO ONLINE supplies great products to satisfied customers 1. Top of the line engine oil for new generation passenger vehicles.2. Proprietary engine oil formulation ensures to keep engine running like new by providing complete protection even in demanding and arduous operating conditions.3. Low ash content.4. Reduced oil consumption.5. Exceptional film retention properties.6. Excellent low temperature characteristics. Excellent oxidation and thermal stability.7. Meets ACEA A5-2008 & B5-2008, offers improved fuel economy and emission reduction besides good cold start.8. Wurth also recommends this product for vehicles which comply with the following specification: VW 502 00/ 505 00, BMW Longlife-98, MB 229.3, Posrche. These instructions are only recommendations based on our experience, we recommend preliminary testing before use.

₹ 5039
₹ 1850

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