Wonderchef Nutri 63152663 380-Watt Blender (Gray)

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The 380W superfast motor blends and grinds in seconds. It comes with two unbreakable jars and two blades - one for grinding the hardest of masalas and making chutney, and the other for making smoothies, blends, mixes in a jiffy. Motor unit is very steady and safe to use. Non-skid rubber footing stabilizes the base. All parts are detachable and easy to clean. Stay fit by getting the most out of the food you consume. Nutri-blend ultima gives you nutrient-rich and easily absorbable food essential for your body. Nutri-blend ultima extracts every drop of immunity enhancing antioxidants, pain relieving omega 3s, proteins, vitamins and minerals from the foods you must have raw, and delivers them to you in their most digestible form. Drink your immunity dose and prevent lifestyle diseases that cause discomfort to your body choose a health meal plan from the look good feel good guide by chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist swati thoda.

₹ 4800
₹ 1999

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