Vinod Cookware 2 Tier Steamer, 20cm

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Durable and Healthy Cooking Solution People tend to be more health conscious nowadays and the majority of us watch what we eat and try to have a calorie conscious diet. Steamed foods are generally a better option when compared to fried foods that contain excess oils and empty calories. The Vinod Cookware 2 tier steamer is a good choice for today's health conscious generation. It is made from thick gauge stainless steel that offers high durability and sturdiness to the steamer. The stainless steel steamer comes with a mirror finish look that makes this appliance stylish and classy to complement your kitchen.Impressive Storage and Easy Handling The two tier stainless steel steamer is a nice addition to your kitchen appliance set as it not only presents a healthy cooking option but also offers unmatched quality. This steamer pot with glass lid has a large storage space that makes it easier to cook large quantities of foods such as rice, veggies, noodles, pasta or soups without the aid of any oil. The steamer has a lid made from tempered glass with a outlet for steam release. Its two hollow stainless steel handles stay cool while cooking and enables easy lifting and handling of this appliance. Brand: Vinod Cookware Colour: Silver Material: Stainless steel Includes: 1 steamer with glass lid, 1 pot Size: 20cm 2 tier storage Thick gauge stainless steel vents Tempered glass lid Hollow steel handles for easy handling

₹ 960
₹ 759

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