Vega Boolean Navy Motorsports Helmet(Black, Green)

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Use this ISI certified Vega Boolean Navy helmet to keep your head safe while riding your motorcycle. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Outer Shell This helmet is made of durable ABS material to make it strong enough to keep your head well protected during accidents. Front Vents The front vents of this helmet reduce fogging of the visor to offer a clear view of the road ahead. Scratch-resistant Visor Helmet The visor of this helmet is made of scratch-resistant materials to ensure that you ride with an optically correct view. Airflow from Front to Back This helmet takes in fresh air from the front and flushes out heat and humidity from the back to keep your head cool and comfortable. Advanced CAD Technology This helmet is made with advanced CAD technology to help you get all the comfort you need to conquer the road.

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₹ 1797
₹ 1078

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