Usha Shriram Pressure Cooker (Handi) 5 Litre (Gas compatible)

Amazon | Usha Shriram Pressure Cooker (Handi) 5 Litre (Gas compatible)

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The usha shriram pressure handi gives you versatility, cutting edge features, and a traditional Indian design. It comes with a base that is compatible with cooking on an induction stove. This means you can use this cooker on virtually any heat source, which enables you to cook fast and smart. The uniquely traditional shape of this aluminium handi has been designed by usha shriram to amplify the taste and flavour of any food that is cooked in it. The shape also makes this cooker well-suited for Indian cooking. The aluminium body makes the cooker durable, which increases its life and prevents the surface from reacting with the food being cooked in it. There is a pressure indicator on the lid, which ensures that all your cooking is done in the safest of conditions. The indicator will rise above the lid when there is high pressure inside the vessel and drop below the level of the lid when the pressure falls to zero, so that you can tell when it is safe to open the handi. It comes with a controlled gasket-release system to further improve the safety of cooking in it. The shape of the handi gives the cooker a traditional look and the silver colour of the aluminium body makes it aesthetically pleasing when displayed in your kitchen. The handi has comfortable, heat-resistant handles and a heavier body than most other pressure cookers, which make it easy to hold and handle. Product Features Has a capacity of 5 litres. Comes with a five year warranty. Pressure indicator and controlled Gasket Release System for safety. Made of aluminium and is silver in colour. Comes with a base that is both induction and gas compatible.

₹ 2190
₹ 1322

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