Tuelip Antique Mini Pitara Jewellery & MakeUp Vanity Box(Gold)

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This Plastic Storage Box has multipurpose uses. It can store and keep your Jewellery, DIY Kit, Cosmetic Kit, Nail Art, Manicure Kit, Toy Kit, Marbles, Car Toys, Toy Building Blocks, Color Rings, Art & Craft Items, Decorative Materials, Sewing/Stitching Items, Hardware Accessories and much more.The Jewellery Box can be used in homes and offices. Protect and preserve your valuables with this Beautiful multi cabinet jewelry box. You always want to keep your best valuables precious jewellery safely. This jewelry box is ideal for organizing your jewellery collection. This classical jewelry storage case has been built from real Hardcore Plastic and polished gold Design. A stylish way to keep your jewelry organized. This wooden jewelry box has a curved, traditional design, rich finish.Please note the dimension carefully before purchase to avoid any disappointment.

₹ 510
₹ 380

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