The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Blemish-Free Skin - 15ml

Amazon | The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Blemish-Free Skin - 15ml

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Want to get rid of your hair and skin woes quickly? Buy Tea Tree Oil for Acne for getting a naturally young looking skin free of any scars,irritation, and blemishes. It is also a great product for relieving dandruff and other hair problems. It works as a two-way sword for both skin and hair.A Gentle Companion for your Skin!Tea extracts is an essential oil which fights against acne and other severe skin problems. The best part of tea tree oil is that it works as a great accompaniment with coconut oil and jojoba oil. The natural extracts present in the oil help prevent your skin from getting darkened. Buy tea tree oil for acne as only a few drops can work wonders for your skin. It goes into the roots and prevents the accumulation of sebum. For dry skin, it restores the moisture back while it clears the oily skin off the clogged pores. It also reduces tanning of skin. While applying, dilute it with a little water for maximum benefits.Usage for SkinApply the tea tree oil gently with a cotton swab on the affected area of your skin and leave it for some hours. Always use the oil on dry skin.Usage for HairFor hair, use it as your regular oil in your scalp. Make sure you massage the scalp gently so that it reaches roots and strands equally.Usage for Aroma TherapyApply the essential oil on your sheets before sleeping or simple dab the oil on cotton balls and keep in the room to rejuvenate your senses!Ingredients and Product DetailsTea Tree OilHas antibacterial properties which make skin clearer.Anti-inflammatory and reduces acne scarsCan be used with shampoo for longer and healthier hair.Helps in fighting dandruff, removing lice, and itchiness.

₹ 350
₹ 199

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