tecmac Poleyster Unisex Sleeping Eye Mask | Black | Pack of 2

Amazon | tecmac Poleyster Unisex Sleeping Eye Mask | Black | Pack of 2

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Comfortable Poleyster Eye Masks by tecmac come with a promised comfortable sleep. You'll need it with you whenever and wherever you go. Features: - Blocking out distracting light, the sleep mask helps you get a good night's rest. Poleyster sleeping eye mask provides a comfortable sleeping environment. Plain black light weight eye mask for peaceful sleeping and obstruction of light. - Allowing you to wake up looking, feeling and performing your best. A perfect travelling companion when you need to take time out. - The plain design keeps you in style on a plane, at beachside or in the comfort of your own bed. Supportive for sound sleep at night or airplane or airport lounge. - An ideal product for travel or everyday relaxation like meditation and team building exercises. It is also ideal for afternoon naps or when your partner watches T.V late at night. - Its unique wide moulded design prevents light disturbing your sleep and the fully adjustable, elasticized strap is designed to fit you perfectly. Package Contains: 2 Sleeping Eye Mask

₹ 399
₹ 98

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