Syska Led Lights 18 W Standard B22 LED Bulb(White, Pack of 2)

Flipkart | Syska Led Lights 18 W Standard B22 LED Bulb(White, Pack of 2)

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Get energy-efficient lighting solutions for your home with these LED bulbs from Syska. They offer an omnidirectional illumination, and they glow bright, while consuming less power. They are tough and durable - in essence, designed keeping elegance, efficiency and longevity in mind. Energy Efficient - Saves up to 70% of Power These LEDs offer more brightness (measured in lumens) per watt, while consuming less power (wattage). In addition to this, these LED bulbs last for up to 50000 hours, thereby helping you save more. Omnidirectional Illumination The design of the shell cover offers a wide beam angle, thereby illuminating a wider area. The Right Bulb Be it the kitchen or the master bedroom - this lighting solution is designed such that it is apt for every room. A Touch of Elegance The bulb’s size is optimised to fit into the regular conventional light housing. It also has an efficient thermal dissipation, and it gives your home an elegant look. Unbreakable Thanks to its polycarbonate body, these bulbs are as tough as they are elegant. Durable with Maximum Efficiency These bulbs come equipped with an innovative technology that features plastic-aluminium thermal management. This boosts its longevity and efficiency, giving you up to 50000 hours of usage.

₹ 1118
₹ 479

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