SYGA 6 Hooks Hanger Over The Door Hook Hanger(Black)
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Amazon | SYGA 6 Hooks Hanger Over The Door Hook Hanger(Black)

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Remove Clutter From Your Home: Tired of the clutter in your home? Remove the problem by using the space behind your door. Simply hang your jackets, scarfs, umbrellas, bags or keys on the 6 hooks provided, safely out of sight. Get enough space to hang your items. The great thing about these hooks is that you can hang them on just about any door all over the home or office. Set of 6 universal door hooks are compatible with most doors..Multipurpose: You can hang almost anything. The hooks versatile design accommodates different types of items, may it be clothes, bags, or toys. Know where to find your clothing, scarf or bag even when in a hurry. Once you have these in hand, you'll come up with hundreds of ideas on how you can become even more organized and do more with the time that you have. Suitable for all homes with doors, these hooks are a match made in heaven..Easy to install, no hardware is required, just insert two hanging brackets into this door hook,Simple and practical;If you don't want to hang on the door, We can also be used as a Sticking hook,with a strong double-sided tape with the same length as the hook,just need to peel off the protective layer and stick it on the desired position (must be smooth hard surface like ceramic tile, metal surface, glass, wood etc.).Durable High Quality Steel: The hook rack is made with high quality steel with a premium quality finish that will stay rust-free for years. Strong enough to hold your bag or jacket without bending which also guarantees their long life. Don't waste precious time searching through a cluttered closet for your jeans or sweater. Made of durable steel, these hooks let you hang items securely without screws or any sort of adhesives..Durable Construction: The hook rack has a tough durable construction and fine workmanship that will cause no tears or scratches to your items. These hooks blend in well with the rest of your dcor given their fine finish. The best part of these hooks is that they will not damage your doors and are sleek and modern..Size:36x4.5x17cm.Package Includes:1 * Cloth Hanger.UNIVERSAL FIT. Save time and money with this over-the-door hook rack. The hooks are ready for use and you dont need to pay for installation..Colour: Black

₹ 1450
₹ 251

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