Sunbaby Red Leonardo Stroller with Rocking (Red)

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Carry your Little Darling Baby in a SAFE & COMFORTABLE way in stroller. The Rocking Stroller with UNIQUE BRIGHT COLORS is a multi-functional Stroller which allows the parents to take their baby to malls and also helps the baby rock away to a peaceful sleep. This stroller has extra soft cushioning and comes with three positioned reclining seat that helps your child to sit or lie down according to his comfort and need. The front swivel suspension wheels and rear wheels with brakes facilitates smooth movement. The storage basket can easily accommodate all the necessary items of your baby. It also has bottle holder, rattle and a snack tray. There is a Mosquito Net to protect your babies from insect and mosquitoes. So, Mummy Daddy, go out and get some fresh air along with your little one.

₹ 6199
₹ 2829

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