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It is challenging to maintain a healthy diet while being constantly glued at your desk with the tiring nine-to-five work routine. We often miss out on natural whole grains that are an important part of a balanced diet. And whenever hunger strikes we end up reaching out to the unhealthy snack options. The need of the hour is to have a wholesome, healthy diet that is easy to maintain. To provide you with the right nutrition for your sudden hunger pangs and short meal breaks, Soulfull Millet Smoothix is just what you need. This wholesome healthy drink is extremely simple to make and is the most ideal solution to curb your hunger. Have this go-to healthy option alongside your morning breakfast or just consume it as your 11am or 5 pm snack, the choice is yours. Just open the sachet, mix it in cold or hot milk, stir and drink. This instant drink mix has got 12 natural grains such as millets, cereals and pulses and comes in 2 different delightful flavours, Almond and Coco Lite. Its high protein content ensures great health. Moreover, the drink has got no preservatives. Instead of sugar, the mix has got jaggery. So, while we take care of your nutrition with the all new smart drink, you keep those sachets handy and let its nutrition be at the heart of everything you do.

₹ 350
₹ 150

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