Snickers Almond Filled Chocolate, 45g (Pack of 15)

Amazon | Snickers Almond Filled Chocolate, 45g (Pack of 15)

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Sweets are meant to be an inevitable part of the festival season, but chocolates for the festivities have their own undeniable charm. This delicious chocolates gift pack will make a perfect Christmas gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. In fact, this Snickers chocolate pack can be conviniently distributed and shared as New Year Gift for friends and family. Give them as Christmas gift boxes to your loved ones and see them rejoice and enjoy these delicious chocolate treats. Gift these chocolates for birthday & anniversary and let the fun begin. Do not let hunger change them, gift them a tasty Snickers chocolate New Year gift pack! Made with crunchy almonds and chocolate, this iconic candy satisfies your taste buds and helps one fuel up during a busy day. Snickers bar also contains nougat and caramel, creating a flavor that’s enough to rock the taste buds, while busting hunger pangs between meals. This chocolate pack is an ideal gift for festivals or can be used as a party favour on Christmas and New Year. Altogether curated with love, this gift pack is perfect as Christmas chocolates for everyone. A celebration pack meant to spread happiness, this is perfect for gifting to those who deserve extra love. So, celebrate the end of this year by spoiling your loved ones with a delicious box of chocolates that they will love.

₹ 750
₹ 600

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