Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro with Digestive Enzymes - 300 g (Butterscotch)

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Sinew Nutrition weight gainer pro - Maximize your daily calorie consumption and bulk-up with sinew weight gainer pro. Sinew weight gainer pro is loaded with all important 11.7g of high-quality protein with 70g of carbohydrates in the ratio 1-6 in a wellness formula designed to ensure you get the optimum results. With industry leading 479kcal/100galong with 1-6 ratio for protein to carbs will pump-up your system and the complete amino acid profile will keep you energized. Sinew weight gainer pro provides a perfect combination of protein, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, unique lipids and all important vitamins and minerals to fuel your body and kick-start wellness. For maximum results - consume daily in concurrence with a healthy balanced diet along with daily exercise comprising of strength and cardiovascular. Best use - consume 3 servings daily with skimmed milk/water. Ensure to stir it well preferably in shaker for it to be completely dissolved. Boost your gains - add chopped/powdered nuts to your gainer which will help you give an additional boost to your weight gaining regime.

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₹ 399
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