Silver's SB 719 Combo 2 Badminton Racquet

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About Us: Silver Sports (India) Pvt. Ltd. a professional Racket manufacturer was established in 1965. Our main products include Badminton Rackets, Tennis Rackets, Squash Rackets and Shuttlecocks. We are the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Badminton, Tennis, Squash Rackets and Shuttlecocks in India. <br> Innovation & Technology: We focus on making technologically advanced products with competitive prices. All the products of our company are under strict production, so the quality and cost are controlled to the requirement of our clients. With extensive experience and improvement in Technology, we are capable of providing more creative designs of rackets to our clients. <br> Product Features: This kit is ideal for those looking to perfect their shots, improve their game and prepare for upcoming championships. The racquets are made of high tempered material that gives them improved strength and durability for a longer service life.

₹ 1799
₹ 584

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