Silver Kartz Clear Lens Matt Black Authentic Oval Sunglasses (wc165)

Amazon | Silver Kartz Clear Lens Matt Black Authentic Oval Sunglasses (wc165)

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Buy Original Products of Silver Kartz from Genuine Seller Only. Silver Kartz Sunglasses comes with 6 Months Warranty. We recommend all the buyers to buy only through Silver Kartz to avail Warranty & Services. Silver Kartz sunglasses adds charm to your personality with its appealing excellence. This sunglass is a rare excellence of production and workmanship. This sunglass also has UV protection to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. The Limited Edition range of Silver Kartz Sunglasses is here to re-define the experience of wearing elite matt shades. With Stunning Looks & Flashy Color, you can't but make heads turn.. with eyes wide open..!! Keep things contemporary with these urban cool goggles. Team them with any look for an added edge. Inspired by celebrity looks, street style and the latest trends, get this collection without burdening your wallet.

₹ 999
₹ 95

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