Signoraware Jumbo Easy Flow Plastic Container, 1.1 litres, Forest Green

Amazon | Signoraware Jumbo Easy Flow Plastic Container, 1.1 litr

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Convenient Storage and Carrying Solution for Liquid Items Featuring a large 1.1 litre capacity, an ergonomic design and a smart lid feature for easy accessibility, the Signoraware Jumbo Easy Flow container is an ideal solution for storing all your beverages and other liquids. With a tall design and a see-through body, you can carry your favourite beverages such as fruit juices, milkshakes, lassi, buttermilk and more wherever you go. You can also use this container to store liquids such as oil and easily pour them out when needed. Made from High Quality Material, Built to Last Constructed using premium grade virgin plastic, this Signoraware Jumbo Easy Flow container is highly durable and will last for a long time, even with regular use. Made from 100% food-grade material and free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, this container is safe for storing your beverages without fear of contamination. As it is safe for use both in the microwave and freezer, you can quickly heat up items without having to transfer them to a different container. Easy to Clean and Maintain The wide opening and unique shape of the Signoraware Jumbo Easy Flow container makes it easy to clean and wash. Simply use a liquid soap solution and retain its looks for a long time. Furthermore, as it is dishwasher safe, you can wash this container in a hassle free manner.

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₹ 270
₹ 216

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