Set Wet Global Global Edition Perfume Spray For Men, Brazil Beats, 120 ml

Amazon | Set Wet Global Global Edition Perfume Spray For Men, Brazil Beats, 120 ml

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Set Wet Global edition perfume spray for men is a collection of fine fragrances inspired by destinations around the world. It recreates the aromas of exotic destinations that have made it to our travel bucket-list. Go ahead and try them all! Set Wet Global edition – Brazil beats: the captivating country of Brazil is passionate about sports and music. Brazil beats perfume for men brings alive the energetic samba and celebrates brazil’s extravagant carnival culture. Embrace the tantalizing freshness of mint and citrus, fused with the rawness of musk and the intoxication of patchouli. Let this signature scent compliment your magnetism and enchant you with the beats of Brazil. Set Wet Global edition – Paris pulse: Paris is the vibrant city of lights and fashion. Let your senses surrender to the exhilarating energy of the Paris pulse perfume for men. Feel the seduction of mandarin and cinnamon fragrance, infused with the warmth of myrrh and the magic of patchouli. Created to compliment your charm, Paris pulse is a signature scent capturing the essence of the charismatic city of Paris. Set Wet is a brand with an agenda of making men feel great again by bringing back confidence in them. Set Wet offers the idea that the way to gain admiration from peers lay in enhancing their playful, sexy, charming side. The brand partners him in showcasing the very best of him with a simple motto: 'it’s not sexy till you show it', or as we say 'sada sexy raho'.

₹ 250
₹ 125

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