Sennheiser HD 4.30G Around-Ear Headphones (Black)

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With a comprehensive package of comfortable and well conceived features, this is the headset upgrade from 'good to go' to 'great to go'. Make yours black or white. The HD 4.30 lets you experience the power and the quality of the Sennheiser sound anytime, anywhere. Featuring a closed-back over-ear design it creates an exceptional soundscape with precise acoustic response and a rich dynamic bass. The HD 4.30 comes rather comprehensively equipped: you get a single-sided tangle-free cable with an integrated 3-button remote plus inline microphone, which lets you control your music and make and take calls. It is optimized for Android devices. Soft premium leatherette ear pads will keep out much of the noise around you as you listen to your music or the voice at the other end of the line - also, they make long listening sessions a pure joy. As for convenient storage, just fold the headband and put the HD 4.30 in the soft pouch it comes with. Some like it black, some like it white. As the HD 4.30 sounds equally great in both colors, we can completely leave it up to your personal style and taste. So, make your choice. In each case you will get an elegantly shaped headset of timeless aesthetics.

₹ 6499
₹ 3069

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