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When all the world’s a stage, you are the ten-armed goddess. You play the daughter, the sister, the friend, the partner, the muse. You love, you hate, you inspire and you retaliate. You are the modern-day woman who embraces life and all it brings. Secret Temptation brings the Play Deo Spray as a tribute to the exemplary woman, who plays life by her own rules. Mystic and soulfully sweet, the Secret Temptation Play deo spray exudes a feminine elegance and sensuality that soothes and refreshes with its soft, floral ecstasy. The long lasting deodorant provides fragrant freshness all through the day and its protective shields fight against sweat and body odour 24 hours a day. Affordably priced and ideal for daily wear, the Secret Temptation Play mass premium body spray keeps you feeling beautiful and confident every time you step out to face the world.

₹ 190
₹ 95

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