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Android with 4G/VoLTE network SCOSMOS Pi phones not only brings fast download/upload speed, but also making high quality internet telephony possible. The 5.5HD 4G Mobile phones has IPS large display with 1280*720 screen resolution shows deeper black and richer color with over-saturation. The 900:1 contrast ratio for Pi Phones display brings sharp images and vivid color, which benefits who like to watch sports or movies on their smartphones.Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is well known as its ultra steadiness, durability and high transparency. It is applied on Pi Phones with 2.5D arc edge, which not only enables Pi Phones incredible duration but also presents a unique look and silky smooth touch feelings. By introducing a 360 deg fingerprint recognition sensor, Pi Phones can be unlocked quickly and accurately. The Multi Functional fingerprint not only works to unlock device, but also can be used on Picture capture, Home Scroll, Fingerprint Dial, Video Control and Music Control. Housing a 13MP rear camera, Pi phones brings a better image to help you capture every shining moment. With Nature Color Technology, the picture taken by Pi phones obtains high brightness, high definition and real colors. Pi Phones adopts Awinic 7 chip which features Hi-Fi standard sound and Bass Sound System to bring a home theater system experience to music fans. Pi Phones are available with three different colors as Titanium grey, Aurora white and Rose gold. Choose the one you love!

₹ 9999
₹ 5999

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