SARANGWARE Spiritual Lunch Box, Persistence Bhakta Dhruv Lunch Box, 300ml, Yellow Color

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SPIRITUAL LUNCH BOX PICTURE ON BHAKTA DHRUV : MATERIAL : ABS Food Grade Material. FOOD GRADE MATERIAL MEANS - must contain dyes, other additives or recycles plastic products deemed harmful to humans. where food grade plastic can contain some level of recycled materials. DESCRIPTION : He Always will Strive To Achieve Goals.. Capacity : 300mlSTORY OF BHAKTA DHRUV : Dhruv was born a son of " uttanpada" and his wife suniti. The king also had another son Uttam, born to his second queen suruchi. Once, when dhruv was a child of five years of age,he was sitting on his father's lap at the king's throne. Suruchi, who was jealous of the older son from the first wife, forcefully removed dhruv from his father's lap. when dhruv protested & asked if he could not be allowed to sit on his father's lap. Suruchi berated him saying ' only god can allow you that privilege. Go ask him" Suniti being of gentle nature and now the lesser favourite wife- tried to console the distraught child, but dhruv was determined to hear of his fate from the lord himself and he set out his lovely journey of forest. Dhruv was determined to seek for himself his rightful place, the narada was appeared before him and tried to desist him from assuming a severe austerity upon himself at such an early age. dhruv don't want to understand narada's talk. so narada taught one mantra " OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAY". And after dhruv started meditation. During Austerity, first month Dhruv was ate only fruits, and second leaf of tree, third month he ate water every nine days. fourth month he ate only air every 12 days. and last fifth month he ate only breath via yoga and his mind fixed on lord. The austerity of his tapasya shook the heaven and the lord appeared before him. but dhruv could not open the eyes because he was still merged in his inner vision of vishnu's form described him by narada. Lord vishnu had use idea and dhruv immediately open

₹ 484
₹ 99

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