Saffola Active Soup, Fiery Hot and Sour, 43g

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Fiery, spicy and loaded with vegetables – the name describes this soup perfectly. With real vegetables like cabbage, carrots, leeks giving it a bite of crunch. Saffola active soup is tasty high fibre soup which keeps you fuller and fitter. It has 5 times the fibre as compared to other soups. In just 2% of the daily calories*, saffola active soup has fibre equal to one chapatti, that helps you keep fuller. This low calorie soup is the perfect start to your light dinner because it helps to make a light dinner filling. Now, you can make a light dinner filling without compromising on taste. Saffola active soup has gone to great lengths to ensure a perfect blend of ingredient and health to make it the tasty way to stay fit. Available in your favourite flavours – tomato, sweet corn, mixed vegetable, hot and sour and manchow. We know that you make a lot of efforts to stay fit and maintain your weight. With saffola active soup as your partner, you can actually make a light dinner filling, while enjoying lip-smacking flavours.

₹ 55
₹ 55

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