Saffola 100% Pure, NMR Tested(400 g)

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Honey is a natural food and comes with tons of uses and benefits and should be used in its pure form. Pure Honey is also a healthy alternative to sugar and is considered one of the most wonderful gifts that nature has ever gifted to mankind. However, not all honey sold in the market are alike! Some are pure, while others may be highly adulterated. As a consumer, one needs to be watchful as adulterated honey comes with added glucose, sugar syrup, molasses, corn syrup, etc. Not every honey that reads pure necessarily stands true to its claim. A real sign of a pure honey is a product which is free from adulteration and which complies to all the FSSAI parameters and passes the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) test for purity. Saffola Honey is natural honey in its purest form. It is tested and approved after many rigorous quality checks including the NMR test. Each bottle of Saffola Pure Honey contains natural antioxidants, has No Added Sugar and comes with a Purity certificate that is made available to its consumers.

₹ 330
₹ 217

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