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100 percent pure and organic tea tree oil best for skin, hair, scalp conditions tea tree oil has been helping our friends in Australia for centuries. Now Rouh Essentials is proud to bring, pure Australian tea tree oil, sourced from the finest plants and extracted using steam distillation that helps in retaining natural antiseptic compounds. Rouh Essentials tea tree oil can help you fight multiple skin problems. Here are some of the ways in which you can use it fungal infections if you are frustrated by stubborn acne or other fungal problems, our tea tree oil gives you the clear skin you have been longing for. Mix 3 4 drops of tea tree oil with argan oil and massage onto skin. Repeat twice a day till result is visible. Cuts or rashes burns and cuts can be painful and cause rashes. You can use 3 4 drops of tea tree oil and dilute it with raw honey. Apply the mixture directly on the affected area. Hair care Rouh Essentials tea tree oil can also be used for dealing with common scalp problems like dandruff and fizzy hair. Massage the mixture of jojoba oil and tea tree oil onto scalp, before sleeping. The natural compounds nourish your hair naturally. Safety information; don't apply tea tree oil directly on your skin. Dilute with carrier oil, shampoo etc. Store in a cool and dry place. Use before 6 months of opening the seal. Indications comes in pale yellow to colorless tinge.

₹ 499
₹ 254

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