Raw Essentials Premium Whole Dried Cranberries, 500g

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These are not your regular store-brought cranberries. Why settle for halves or slices when you can relish upon the whole cranberry? These plump and succulent berries are power-packed with nutrients. The delicious dried fruit has a distinctive taste which you'll fall in love with. Can be devoured directly from the pack as a snack or can be used as a topping in your cereals. Go ahead and throw some in your muffins, cakes and breads. Your baked goodies will surely love them. Why RAW ESSENTIALS? Because nothing's better than having foods in its purest form. 'Raw' is the nature-intended form of having foods. Choosing raw foods simply means picking wholesome, nutrient-dense, clean foods over the processed, pounded and pulverised ones. It's just going back to the basics and receiving goodness for the mind and body in exchange.

₹ 900
₹ 549

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