Princeware Twister Combo Plastic Package Container Set, 20-Pieces, Blue

Amazon | Princeware Twister Combo Plastic Package Container Set, 20-Pieces, Blue

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Multipurpose Airtight Containers for Everyday Use, The Princeware Twister Combo package container set features a 20 containers sporting a transparent body, making identification of stored items an easy task. These containers are available in a set of 6 different sizes from 230 ml to 1.23 litres and can be used for storing different types of items like snacks, sugar, salt, condiments and more. Made from High Quality Safe and Hygienic Material , Made of high-quality, food-grade and BPA-free virgin plastic that is 100 percent safe for storing food items, the containers are safe for you to use. This ensures zero contamination and keeps your stored items safe and free from harmful toxins. Easy to clean and maintain, these containers are stackable and nestable. Microwave and Freezer Safe Containers, Use these differently sized Princeware containers to heat food in the microwave without the lid or for storage in the freezer. With the twister lids, it is easy to open the containers. Besides, the transparent bodies help in identifying the items inside without even opening the lid.

₹ 888
₹ 559

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