Primeway Pw266Me Double Driver Economy Magic Mop Set (Green)

Amazon | Primeway Pw266Me Double Driver Economy Magic Mop Set (Green)

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The Primeway Pw266Me Double Driver Magic Mop comes with sturdy handle and a flexible mop head that can be turned 360 degrees around. It also includes a double driver spin mechanism which dries the mop head after it has been used. This model also comes with a bucket so that you can wet the mop conveniently and keep cleaning the floors The mop head consists of long looped strings made of microfibre that absorbs water faster and cleans all kinds of surfaces efficiently. The handle is made of stainless steel and will not rust or corrode in the long run. The ergonomic design also allows you to reach and clean the most difficult surfaces.

₹ 1495
₹ 629

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