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Do you spend hours together in front of your laptop or desktop and are really annoyed by the clutter of wires of the mouse that make your workspace look messy? Then this Wireless Laser Mouse from Portronics is something you need.  Wireless Technology This mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology which ensures its connected to your laptop at all times. It has a micro USB dongle inside, so you can just stow it in the mouse and forget about losing it anywhere. Design and Precise Navigation The aerodynamic design of this mouse gives it a stylish shape and makes it easy and comfortable to hold. It comes with a high-definition optical sensor with 1000dpi which gives you precise navigation and responsive cursor control on a variety of surfaces.  Compatibility This mouse is compatible with all the popular versions of MS Windows, including Windows 8 and Mac operating systems.  Easy to Set-up This mouse is very easy to connect to your laptop. All you need to do is, connect the nano receiver in one of the USB ports of your laptop and start using it within a matter of seconds. The nano wireless receiver can be left in the laptop because it’s quite small and won't damage the USB port.  Saves Power This mouse gives you more comfort, high precision, and performance. It comes with automatic standby mode after 3 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about switching it on and off every time. To activate it, you just need to press the left or right button.

₹ 399
₹ 299

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