Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set, 5-Pieces, Red (2.6FT12KD12SPBTPAPP)

Amazon | Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set, 5-Pieces, Red (2.6FT12KD12SPBTPAPP)

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Well Designed and Extremely Hardy The Nirlon special non stick flat tawa is a versatile kitchen utensil that lets you comprehensively simmer, sauté©, sear and glaze an assortment of food items. Constructed from aluminium metal. Additionally, the weightlessness of the metal makes the flat pan very lightweight, while the robustness of the Non Stick surface renders it scratchproof and resistant to rust. Moreover, the Bakelite handle of the Nirlon Special Tawa has a stay-cool functionality. pieces such as mustard, black pepper, cloves and more. India's first 3-layered non-stick cookware, Nirlon Non stick is made using American Whit ford Coating and it lasts three times longer cookware. Its special non stick coated surface looks new for longer and is also metal-spoon friendly. Nirlon Friendly Sauce / Milk Pan 1. 8Liter is Deep vessel height is useful to cook all type of food. Easy to clean and wash, they have very exotic silver shining. Highly durable and made of fine quality stainless steel. Non-Stick Tapper Fry Pan, durable non-stick, ergonomically designed rived handle, base grooving for quick and even heat distribution. The Product has Longer Life, Lower Gas Consumption, Preserve nutrients in food, oil free cooking. Now experience taste, high performance and health all in one and improved Nirlon makes cooking safer and your health better, its new and improved coating ensures durability and poses no harm to food. All in all, smart cookware for a smart kitchen.

₹ 3399
₹ 1389

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