MuscleBlaze 2Raw Whey Protein(1 kg, Unflavored)

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MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein is the most raw and cleanest form of Whey Protein concentrate with no sweetener, flavors or additives in the product. It thus comes with the flexibility to consume the protein in the form the consumer likes - be it as a protein smoothie, protein pancakes, self-made protein bars or as differently flavored protein shakes. For people getting bored easily with protein shakes, MuscleBlaze Raw Whey provides them with a plethora of options to explore from. All of this while having an impeccable protein and amino acid profile.•24g of protein per 30g serving•Use it to prepare your own protein dish – pancakes, bars, ice-creams, smoothies•Zero Aspartame, Zero added sugar, No added flavours, Vegetarian source of protein•5.2g of BCAAs to help with fast muscle synthesis•Every product comes with a unique authenticity code using which the customer can confirm the genuineness of the product

₹ 3998
₹ 2398

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