Molife Sense 500 Smartwatch(Silver Strap, Freesize)

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₹ 6999
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The Molife Sense 500, a brilliant smartwatch with a beautiful large display. Say hello to the infinity 1.7-inch display with 2.5D curved edges. Thanks to seamless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you won't have to keep waiting. Bring a change to your outfit every day with changeable straps. A splash of color every day keeps the boredom away. The freedom to choose from countless straps and watch faces is here. Don't worry about real splashes. The IP68 certified water and dust resistance mean you won't have to sweat it when your watch is wet. Let your phone remain in your pocket while you talk while you walk with your Sense 500. Say goodbye to those clunky charging adaptors, charge carefree with our Snap-on magnetic charging connector.

₹ 6999
₹ 4139

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