Milton Orchid Jr. Set (.45/.79/1.26) Ltrs , Light Brown ,(EC-THF-FTK-0016_LIGHTBROWN)

Amazon | Milton Orchid Jr. Set (.45/.79/1.26) Ltrs , Light Brown ,(EC-THF-FTK-0016_LIGHTBROWN)

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Smart Casserole Set for Keeping Your Food Hot and Fresh With an efficient design featuring stainless steel on the inside and highly-quality insulating plastic on the outside, the Milton Orchid Junior casserole set keeps your food hot for hours. Featuring three casseroles with capacities of 490ml, 790ml and 1,360ml, respectively, you can use this set to store chapatis, dosas, gravies, sabzi preparations and other lip-smacking delicacies and serve them hot to your loved ones. The different sized casseroles make it ideal for use in a wide variety of purposes. Aesthetically Pleasing Design to Enha

₹ 751
₹ 448

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