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Now enjoy listening to the latest tracks with these black coloured headphones. It is a perfect pair of portable entertainment headphones that is crafted for DJs, mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems. You will experience a rich, powerful and crystal clear sound that will sway you to tap your feet along. Its bass and increased signal levels are the reasons behind the modern rhythm driven music. Facilitating a powerful bass response, these headphones are a must-have for every urban music lover. Features These headphones feature a supra-aural pattern that is sure to block ambient noise and proffers excellent isolation. The cable length of 9.8ft makes it easier to carry wherever one feels like. This pair comes with a replaceable leatherette ear pads, lightweight diaphragms, and removable ear cups and clips on the belt. Featuring a dynamic, closed transducer principle, these headphones make for a great pick to stay in the groove like never before. This pair is a perfect blend of style and comfort that will fit into your ears conveniently. Well known for delivering optimum audio quality and great performance, these headphones assure durability and comfort. All the features that one looks for are embedded wonderfully in this pair.

₹ 999
₹ 699

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