Maono AU-A1 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones (Blue and Black)

Amazon | Maono AU-A1 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones (Blue and Black)

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Enjoy your game with this fantasy gaming headset, which is a high-build quality with great comfort stereo sound. Enhance your gaming experience with LED light creating a powerful atmosphere. Besides, Maono gaming headsets enables you a competitive advantage by allowing you to hear everything from nearby enemy footsteps or distant reloads. Improve your capability to track sounds Omni directionally, from left to right. First to hear, first to fire and first to kill. It also has the capability for you to communicate to your team with a clean, precise sounding microphone, by eliminating background noise and a noise cancelling. You can also answer calls on the go and listeners are going to hear a clear, well-balanced sound from you.

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₹ 1332
₹ 999

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