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LOUIS STITCH Men's wallet are Tough, Durable and Effortlessly Stylish. LOUIS STITCH wallets are adored and respected by stylish men across the world and are synonymous with Luxury and Elegance. Every wallet is hand crafted only from LOUIS STITCH's PATENTED VIRGIN LEATHER, which is known for its Durability, Elegance, Shine and can be easily recognized by onlookers as a LOUIS STITCH product. Every wallet is DUAL POLISHED and NANO COATED to have them Shine same and remain new for decades to come and also adds a hydrophobic layer which keeps it protected from moisture. The brand LOUIS STITCH is a Global Luxury brand and known for its Heartcrafted Perfection and the combination of Virgin leather and tailoring of Innovative designs. The Elegance, Texture and Strength of Leather magnifies with aging thus all our leather products shine like diamond and are tremendously strong. The brand, over the last decades, has spread its presence across the globe. LOUIS STITCH today globally offers a wide collection of Luxury products ranging from Premium Clothing, Handbags, Formalist laptop leather bags, Leather crossbody bags, Virgin leather Oil pulled leather products for men, German designer wallets, Antique leather wallets, Pocket Organizers, Top Grain Single Mold Belts, Perpetual Watches, Virgin All-Leather Handmade Shoes, Brogue and Oxford Handmade shoes, Fresh leather footwears, British Toe, Ancient Toe, Toe Cap etc extensive range of Shoes, Suede leather shoes, Casual shoes, Fresh Leather Driving Loafers, Passport Holders. Our team is committed to making Luxury affordable and takes pride in providing the Finest Authenticated products that you deserve. "LEAVE THE OLD SCHOOL MONOTONOUS WALLETS AND TRY THE NEW GENERATION LOUIS STITCH PATENTED VIRGIN LEATHER WALLETS"

₹ 1200
₹ 50

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