Lexton DPL-18 4-Watt Square Lamp Shade with Diya Impression (Yellow)

Amazon | Lexton DPL-18 4-Watt Square Lamp Shade with Diya Impression (Yellow)

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"Lexton decorative lights presents you with its simple yet elegant lamp, the “lexton yellow rectangular lamp shade with diya impression”. The lamp shades are simple rectangular in shape with yellow colour body. They emit vibrant colour reflections along with diya impressions as they hang flawlessly at your place. This classic item would not fail to provide your home with that “edgy look” that it deserves. It can also be relocated innovatively due to its portable feature for maximum utilization of the product at all corners of your house or workplace. A subtle Decor for all occasions. Features. Modern style simple and elegant design. Fine finish for smooth look. Diya cut out on the body for diya like reflections. Vibrant yellow colour body to brighten up dull corners. Non-heating plastic for safe use. Firm grip from an kind of suspension. Strong supportive body. Low power consumption making it energy efficient. Long working hour with no blinking. Supreme quality for longer shelf life. Easy to use and install. Easy to clean making it easy to maintain. Easy to store with no special care. Light weight for easy handling. Portable for innovative relocation Specifications: Shape :rectangular. Colour :Yellow. Material: Plastic. Size: One size. Brand: Lexton Applications:. Can be used as a decorative instrument for casual home décor as well as special functions. Has a good grip over ceilings, suspensions or tents. Can be used for balconies, over the tables, workplace, study, etc. Boring corners of the houses can be made lively through the addition of the lamps. Can be used as a sober décor around puja areas to utilize the lamp’s diya feature."

₹ 199
₹ 62

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