Lexton DPL-13 4-Watt Lighted Leaf Ganesha (White)

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Lexton decorative lights lets you maintain positivity around your residence, work place, factories, stores etc in the best possible way with it’s latest product. The “lexton multicolour lighted leaf ganesha(electric operated)” is a white plastic wall/ceiling hanging leaf ganesha which emits light once plugged in. A multi-usage for all occasions. Features. Trending everlasting design. Sleek and smooth finish. Ganesh leaf as symbol of positivity. Emits bright sober light. Made of safe and non –heated plastic. Supreme quality for longer shelf life and functioning. Strong body for easy hanging from any support. Long working hours with no blinking. Highly sustainable to harsh conditions both inside and outside. Low power consumption making it energy efficient. Hassle free décor as it does not get easily tangled. Convenient length for un restricted usage. Light weight for increased utility. Easy cleaning for good maintenance. Easy storing. Flexible for easy fitting. Portable for easy relocation specifications. Length : 22 cm. Width: 10 cm. Height: 22 cm. Outer diameter:10 cm. Inner diameter: 8 cm. Shape :Floral. Colour :Multicolour. Material: Plastic. Size: One size. Brand: Lexton. Operation: Electric operated. Type: Plug-in applications:. A perfect décor for all festivities like Diwali, navratris, christmas, janmashtami, new year, weddings, etc. It can be used in temple and puja areas as well. The product can be placed at the main entrance for a warm welcome of guests. Looks attractive during the day with lights turned off as well as vice-versa.. Can be used for interior and exterior décor. It can be hung at empty corners of the house or near the entrance, shops, stores, prayer area, etc.

₹ 399
₹ 91

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