Lexton 13M LED Diamond Decorative Light (Pink)

Amazon | Lexton 13M LED Diamond Decorative Light (Pink)

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Use for both indoor and outdoor use. These hanging, string lights or LED wire lights make a great holiday decoration or perfect for festival, Christmas, wedding, holiday and party. These are lightweight, easy to move and bend, easy installation, energy saving and sturdy. The string lights can be bent skilfully to decorate and achieve a nice effect, but please be careful not to scrape the insulation off or cut the wires. It has a lot of usage for decorating different occasions, such as on some happy festivals, in the trees or artificial flowers, at some places and of course as far as your imagination goes. The low power and heat insulated copper wire keeps the lights at a low temperature so they are safe to touch after many hours of use.

₹ 549
₹ 106

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