Lace And Me Women's Polyester Cotton Spandex Wire No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker Shapewear( ,Beige,Free Size)

Amazon | Lace And Me Women's Polyester Cotton Spandex Wire No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker Shapewear( ,Beige,Free Size)

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With wire control feature so that it does not rolls down while you are wearing it. New Innovative product to give you shape while you wear the dresses of your choices. Firm control, high-waist tummy shaper. The Hi-Waist shapewear gives you a fit that comfortably smooths your tummy and helps minimize your waist for a sleeker silhouette. Seamless shapewear gives you best comfort .............. Best to give fit to your tummy after Normal delivery or after C-section. For the new mom, the shapewear gently supports her still swollen abdomen, allowing the organs that encountered the greatest stress and pull of gravity to heal in their proper position. It's the perfect follow-up garment to for post pregnancy Support......... Breathable Spandex/Nylon material gracefully maintains its proper level of support to weak or sagging stomach muscles. Won't bulge, ride or roll up. Full-seam back panel gently lifts, firms up, and promotes youthful sexy rounded feminine silhouette. Rear bands lend support to lumbar area easing lower back strain................The Tummy Tuck shapewear provides wonderful support, protection or relief for the following: Cesarean Section Liposuction Hernia Condition Obesity Chronic Backaches Menstrual Cramps P Gently lifts, supports & flattens sagging stomach muscles. Firms tummy, waist, hips and thighs by up to 2-3 inches , It helps you lokk slimmer after wearing this shapewear. Supports lumbar area to ease lower back strain. Gives you smooth rounded shape to buttocks. Flattens tummy smoothes the rear.Instantly reduces your dress size.Stretch microfiber. Polyester + Cotton + Spandex mix.Free size : Fits S , M,L and XL size.

₹ 1107
₹ 499

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