Kurkure Namkeen - Khatta Meetha Mix, 1kg

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A mixture of pulses, boondi, sev, peanuts and peas provide a sweet, tangy and spicy flavor with every mouthful.A favourite with every age group. They make perfect tea-time snack and are great when you are in a munchy mood. Reseal and Keep Fresh with Zip lock pack. About the brand:Kurkure is a crunchy, new-age Pack namkeen snack brand which symbolizes light-hearted fun. Embodying Pack the spirit of India, Kurkure has found a home in millions of hearts and minds and enjoys the position of a strong love mark brand in India. Made with trusted kitchen ingredients: 100% vegetarian All the raw materials used in Kurkure comply with The Food Safety & Standards Act & Regulations 2006 and rules that govern the manufacture, distribution and sale of Kurkure.

₹ 203
₹ 189

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