Kuber Industries Nylon Mesh Laundry Basket (CTKTC1475)

Amazon | Kuber Industries Nylon Mesh Laundry Basket (CTKTC1475)

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Segregate your dirty clothes instead of every member of your family leaving their dirty clothes lying around haphazardly, you can place a laundry bag in the bathroom for them to use. That way you won't have to go around the house hunting for clothes to throw in the washing machine and you will have the whole lot readily available. Made of a nylon mesh, this laundry bag is breathable. This nylon mesh laundry bag is also easy to wash and keep clean, so that it doesn't start smelling like the sweaty gym socks it contains. Lightweight and portable laundry bag if you're not using this laundry bag for home, you can simply fold it and store it away in your cupboard after washing. If coming all the way to the bathroom to put their dirty clothes in the bag is still too much effort for your family, you can easily carry and place a lightweight, portable laundry bag in each of their rooms. The convenient handles make it comfortable for you to carry this bag around. You can choose from a selection of four bright colours - pink, green, blue and red. Product features includes: Two laundry bag (big small) colour: Multicolour folds easily for compact storage lightweight features two handles for convenience material: Breathable nylon mesh.

₹ 399
₹ 136

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