Kobo AC52 Ankle Weight, 5Kg Pack of 2

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Kobo ankle weights are linked to increased balance. Consider the fact that the small muscles in the ankle are working all day to help maintain the overall balance of your body. Strengthening the muscles in the ankle help build and support ability to maintain your balance. If interested in using ankle weights to increase balance, it is best to add ankle weights after taking the time to warm up the muscles. Tones legs : incorporating ankle weights into any routine also helps improve range of motion, which allows for a little more wiggle room when practicing toning exercise such as leg lifts. While completing leg lifts, ankle weights add enough resistance to make the exercise more than worthwhile. Most women look to achieve a sleek, toned look and ankle weights add just enough resistance to a toning workout session. Workout variety - ankle weights certainly add variety to workout routines. Since these types of weights typically aren't incorporated into everyday workout regimens, in most cases, using them should provide a higher level of challenge. However, remember this: using weights on the ankles too frequently or without proper stretching could cause extra strain on the muscle and ligaments in the ankles, which may be more damaging than beneficial. So be mindful of how much you use them. Some other exercises that ankle weights could be used for are water aerobics or cardio exercises. They can change the most mundane of movements into powerful movements that engage different groups of muscles, creating an opportunity for an extra challenge and change to a workout.

₹ 1270
₹ 790

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