Keynote Gulkand (Damask Rose, Misri, Cardamom & Praval) 300 grams

Amazon | Keynote Gulkand (Damask Rose, Misri, Cardamom & Praval) 300 grams

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Gulkand is a luxurious sun-cooked preserve of Damask rose petals. It's prepared by stacking layers of Damask rose (Rosa damascena) petals intermittently with Rock sugar (Misri) crystals. It's cooling effects are enhanced by adding Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) and "Praval/Prawal"Pishti (Coral) which is an Ayurvedic sub-formulation. It's said that Gulkand was originally formulated in ancient Indo-Persia (900 B.C) for its intense flavours as an ingredient and for its healing properties as a coolant. It is quite possibly the most complete and authentic rose experience as slow sun-cooking concentrates the flavours of the Damask rose in an easy to use gently caramelized preserve. "Gul" means flower in both Persian and Urdu whereas "Kand" translates into sweetness in Arabic. It is believed to possess cooling & calming properties which is why it has been traditionally associated with regal recipes to create a wide range of desserts and bakery preparations to beat the summer heat. The lavish costs and seasonal nature of Damask roses coupled with the arduous process of sun-cooking and curing Gulkand make it one of the finest and most sought after delicacies coming out of the Indian sub-continent after the world famous Kashmiri Saffron. Regal, exotic, authentic & opulent, a 'rose experience' that remains unmatched. We can assure you, just one teaspoonful of Gulkand will forever change the way you look at roses!

₹ 430
₹ 342

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