JAAMSO ROYALS Dog Design Small Non-Slip Wooden Door Stoppers

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This door stoppers are guaranteed to hold doors open securely to prevent tripping accidents and improve air circulation in confined areas. Designed for standard sized doors. It is constructed from impact-resistant which stands up to daily use and will not crush. help prevent any jam on babies hands caused by a sudden door close, prevent any accidents of locking babies inside the room, and avoid sleeping babies from being awaken by noise of door collision. Non-slip design on its bottom, it can protect the floor from scratching and keep the door in a stable position.With windproof and anti-pinch function, it can provide security when the door is suddenly closed. The wood outside is planed smoothly, showing the beauty of nature. IMPORTANT: Please check the gap clearance between your door and surface before purchasing any type of door stopper. These doorstops max height is 1" , so if your doors have bigger clearance you must have to stack up with two pieces these door stop.

₹ 299
₹ 199

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