Huggies Wonder Pants - L(48 Pieces)

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Stock up on these Huggies diaper pants to keep wetness and irritation at bay, and ensure that your little one remains comfortable all day long. While its Cushiony Cotton Soft Material is appropriate for your baby’s delicate skin, its liquid-absorption capability will keep moisture away, keeping your baby comfortable for many hours. Cushiony Cotton Soft Material Cotton is known for its softness and durability. Thanks to its cushiony cotton soft material, these diapers are ideal for your baby’s skin. Outstanding Absorption for up to 12 Hours These diapers can absorb fluids for up to 12 hours, keeping your baby happy and comfortable for hours at a stretch. Advanced Dry Touch These diapers will keep your little one dry all night, all thanks to its Advanced Dry Touch feature. Super-stretchy Material These diapers are made of a super stretchy material that ensures the perfect fit. Double Leakguard Drop all your worries about leakage as the Double Leakguard effectively tackles leakage.

₹ 699
₹ 489

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