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Basement Bazaar Hookah is a truly remarkable Hookah that encompasses detail in the form of a revolutionary designed Bohemian vase. This Hookah consists glass base and iron stem with ceramic chillum, providing entertainment for years to come. Quick pointers to avoid fake seller • Do not buy Basement Bazaar hookah if you can’t see sold by StopShopGo(or amazon fullfilled) seller name. • The Basement Bazaar will not be responsible for the product quality, if you buy from any other seller rather than StopShopGo • StopShopGo is the brand name of Basement Bazaar Pvt. Ltd., and we are bound to provide a good quality product. • It is seen that other sellers are using our listing and selling their fake products those are made up of plastic material, while Basement Bazaar hookah is purely made up of good quality “Glass Base” and “Metal Stem” with a “Wooden Pipe’s mouth Piece”, • if you do not see these points in your product then it mean you have purchased it from other fake sellers.

₹ 1600
₹ 287

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