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Disorganized purses is now a thing of the past with this amazing handbag organizer. It allows you to instantly organize any bag. Are you tired of constantly digging into your cluttered bag. Do you find it frustrating not being able to find things quickly. Imagine if you could easily locate anything in a matter of seconds without having to empty the contents of your bag. It is possible now with the powerful handbag organizer purse organizer insert that perfectly conforms to the shape of your bag. The handbag organizer bag organizer will line the inside of your bag with dozens of flexible pockets that are designed to hold smaller items like glasses, pens, keys, cell phone etc. The center of your bag is left free for larger items like a planner, makeup bag, wallet, books. It can even be used for storing baby supplies like bottles and diapers. But that is not all you can now easily switch bags without ever having to reorganize a single thing - just take the bag organizer out and place it in another bag or purse. Changing your favorite bags is now a breeze. Changing purses takes forever if you have a lot things but with the handbag organizer switching bags is a breeze. The specially designed slots of the handbag organizer makes it easy to find your phone, makeup, glasses, coupons and cards. The center slot is for perfect for wallets and larger items. This bag insert allows you to hold as much as 70 different items and can turn even the most cluttered handbags into a neatly organized one. There are compartments for all your basic needs so you can easily find what you want. You no longer have to dig around your keys or cell phone again multipurpose use, can be used as - handbag organizer - desktop organizer - cosmetic organizer - on the shelves inside the cabinet - separate use during travels to keep inner clothes/ hankys/socks etc.

₹ 499
₹ 259

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