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Peanut butter is a healthy and nutritious food spread that is popular for its great taste and innumerable health benefits. Made from peanuts, it makes for a great breakfast topping as well as an evening snack accompaniment. If you are a peanut butter fan, you can easily incorporate it in your favorite desserts and ice creams too. The HK Peanut Butter Natural Creamy 1 Kg is a tasty and super smooth variant of the HK Peanut Butter. Its creamy and satin smooth texture adds to its delightful flavor making it a favorite with kids and adults alike. It is made using the finest and the most superior quality peanuts and contains nothing else but 100% peanuts. This nutritious and healthy butter is great for your health and your taste buds both. Ingredients The HK Peanut Butter is made using the best, finest quality peanuts, which are roasted to perfection before being blended into making a smooth and yummy Peanut Butter Natural Creamy. Besides, roasted peanuts, this product does not contain any hydrogenated or trans fats, salt or sugar. It is 100% vegan and organic product with no traces of dairy and 0% cholesterol. Keeping the health of the users as a top priority, this product does not even contain any added preservatives, flavors, or food colors for enhancement.

₹ 440
₹ 375

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